HydroPRO Varmepumpe

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En HydroPRO varmepumpe er den mest økonomiske måde at opvarme din pool eller swimmingpool.

Du kan spares op til 80% på elforbrugt med en varmepumpe sammenlignet med en traditionel el varmepatron.

Høj effektivitet
The energy is collected from the air outside and transferred to the pool water.

The Hydro-Pro heat pump must be installed outside. It will heat the pool from April to October and will even work efficiently with outside temperatures as low as -15°C. Our Hydro-Pro+ heat pumps have as an extra feature, a cooling mode, which allows the water to be cooled down by the Hydro-Pro+ heat pump as well.

Hydro-Pro heat pumps are less harful to the environment because 80% of the energy produced is collected from the outside air and therefore is purely natural.

  • The gas used, has no harmful effect on the ozone layer.
  • Our Hydro-Pro heat pumps are very energy efficient, our Hydro-Pro heat pumps range even reach a COP value of op to 13.

Nem installation
The unit is intelligently designed and remarkably compact for easy installation. The heat pump has to be installed on a by-pass after the filtration pump. For all 2010 models and onwards, it is no longer necessary to tune your heat pump with a by-pass, due to our new full-flow heat exchanger.varmepumpe1

Hvordan virker det?
Hydro-Pro heat pumps utilize the sun’s free heat by collecting and absorbing energy from the outside air. This energy is then transferred to the pool water. Your existing pool pump circulates the water through the heater and warms the pool. The unit contains a fan that draws in outside air and directs it over the surface of the EVAPORATOR (energy collector). The liquid refrigerant within the EVAPORATOR coil absorbs the heat from the outside air and the refrigerant becomes a gas. The warm gas passes through the compressor where it is compressed to form a very hot gas, which then passes through the CONDENSOR (water heat exchanger). It is here that the heat exchange occurs as the hot gas gives up the heat to the cooler swimming pool water circulating through the coil.

The pool water becomes warmer and the hot gas cools down as it flows through the CONDENSOR coil, returns to its liquid form and, after passing through the expansion valve, the whole process begins again.

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